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June 21, 2024

ArmA 2 | Creating a Mission Intro Splash Screen

Provide your players visually appealing artwork while your mission loads

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Tools required:

A text editor such as MS Notepad.

A graphics program such as PhotoShop, Gimp (free) or Paint.Net (free)

Bohemian Interactive's BI Tools 2.5 (free)

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Begin by opening up your graphics software. Create a 1024px x 512px canvas: This is the recommended size for an ArmA splash screen.

arma 2 splash screen 01


Complete your splash screen artwork and save the finished product in your preferred format (.jpg, .png, .tga)

arma 2 splash screen 02


arma 2 splash screen 03Download and install Bohemian Interactive's BI Tools 2.5. There are several programs included and the installer will ask you to confirm the installation path to each as it works.

Follow this path and open 'TexView2': C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Tools

black divider


Open up your image file in 'TexView2' and then save it as a .paa file.

arma 2 splash screen 04


Navigate to the folder where the mission you created is stored. Do not look in your SteamApps folder: This is not the correct Missions folder. You will find it under the main ArmA 2 directory or (if you have two or more game profiles) under 'ArmA 2 Other Profiles'.

WRONG C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions

RIGHT C:\Users\User\Documents\ArmA 2\missions

RIGHT C:\Users\User\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\[YOUR-NAME]\missions

Create a new folder titled 'pictures' in your mission folder. Drop your new splash page .paa image into it.

arma 2 splash screen 05


Open up your text editor and place this line of code into it:

loadScreen = "pictures\name-of-splash-screen-image.paa";

Save the text file as description.ext and place it into the mission folder. If you are using MS Notepad you will need to change the file type to 'All Files' in order to save it with the file extension .ext.

arma 2 splash screen 06


Launch Arma 2 and then open up your mission in either the Editor or Multiplayer. You will now see your new splash screen displayed as your mission loads!

arma 2 splash screen 07

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