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July 14, 2024

Minecraft Item ID List

A searchable list providing all Minecraft Item ID's

written by

09/07/14 UPDATE: Sixty-eight new Minecraft 1.8 items added to the list!

NOTE:The release of version 1.8 begins the phasing-out period of individual item id's. The new items are positioned at the top of the list (sans id numbers), while the older items follow, listed in numerical order. This list will have no practical application in the near future and will soon be relegated to the realm of 'Historical Significance'.

, aka. Orangelatios, September 7, 2014

This is a complete & comprehensive updated list (06/09/14) of Minecraft Items and their corresponding ID numbers intended for active Minecraft players. The search field will assist you in locating specific elements amongst the 588 656 currently available Minecraft items featured on this list. The majority have their own specific ID number, while several categories of items have a primary ID followed by a Sub-ID. A handfull are not displayed in the game and must be manually given, an example being the Command Block. To give yourself or someone else an item in-game, type the following command:

/give [player name] [item ID]

Example: /give Orangelatios 35. I would then receive one block of white wool. You can give up to a sixty-four (64) count of one specific item via one command:

/give [player name] [item ID] [amount]

Example: /give Orangelatios 35 20. This would give me twenty blocks of white wool. To give an item that has an ID and Sub-ID, you need to include the meta data:

/give [player name] [item ID] [amount] [meta data]

Example: /give Orangelatios 35 20 4. I've just given myself twenty blocks of yellow wool, four being yellow wool's Sub-ID.

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