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May 17, 2024

StarMade Item ID List

A searchable list providing all StarMade Item ID's

written by

This updated StarMade item list containing 470 individual in-game items was compiled on 09/12/14. There is a search field above the list to assist you in locating items. Some of the pieces, such as the 'Death Star Core', are not available in shops and can only be obtained by the use of this command in the chat window:

/giveid [player name] [item ID] [amount]

Example: /giveid Orangelatios 56 2. Two Gravity Units would then be deposited in my inventory.

I will continue to maintain this list to keep it current & relevant as new items are released in conjuction with StarMade software updates.

, aka. Orangelatios, September 12, 2014

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