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July 14, 2024

Park Ranger AZ trademark icon Single player world building

A fun construction Game where you Build, protect & maintain your own National Park!

Park Ranger AZ promotional

Remember to replant! Park Ranger AZ replant trees

1   = Third person view
2 = First person view
3 = Build mode
4 = Backpack
Q & E = Orbit camera
P = Pickup items
T = Resize items
O = Rotate items Y axis
I   = Rotate items X axis
U = Rotate items Z axis
Y = Disable/enable gravity on items
W = Move forward
S = Move backward
A = Move left
D = Move right
Space = Jump

Many of these keys have alternate buttons found on a handy user interface in-game.

Coming in !

Park Ranger AZ Demo button
Park Ranger AZ Product button

Park Ranger AZ is a world construction game focused on environmental consciousness and preserving our natural habitat. Players are dropped off in a remote desert location in Arizona with the primary objective being the creation, protection and maintenance of a new National Park.

When they begin the adventure, new park rangers are given a few essential items to get started: Waterpump, sawrig & lumber converter bases, a power solar unit, a store module and a money converter. After entering build mode and starting the park foundation, the players can then use these items to plant and harvest trees (each harvested tree produces two nuts/pinecones for replanting), build furniture, grow crops, set up campsites, sell preserves to the campers and much, much more.

Along the way they will face hostile space aliens whose goal is to strip the forest of trees and steal lumber. They must also deal with random events such as wildfires, campers leaving bags of garbage everywhere and outsiders dumping toxic waste. How you design & maintain the park is up to you, so have fun, ranger!

© RJ Wattenhofer & wallaroo.club information icon


park ranger az video overlay

Click on video above to watch or view directly on: YouTube link


park ranger az building info 01

A very desolate and foreboding start...

park ranger az building info 02

...quickly improves as grass is added

park ranger az building info 03

Spawn a bag of pinecones and plant them on grass or soil

park ranger az building info 04

Watch as trees grow in stages until they reach full size


park ranger az construction info 01

Harvest a tree and gather a log

park ranger az construction info 02

Drop it on the sawrig for cutting

park ranger az construction info 03

Collect the planks

park ranger az construction info 04

Drop them into the lumber converter and then choose the wooden item you would like to create


park ranger az powerline info 01

Place a Power Solar Unit, switch to Build Mode and then place some Powerlines near it

park ranger az powerline info 02

Unconnected Powerlines will have no power and will be colored white

park ranger az powerline info 03

Rotate the Powerlines until they connect - red means they are running current

park ranger az powerline info 04

Place an item that requires power next to the last powerline and it will now have power!

Crops & Preserves

Park Ranger AZ crop growing

1) Open the Items Menu and select a plant

2) Plants grow in stages until full size

3) Harvesting plants produces filled buckets

4) Drop buckets into the stove to make preserves

Note: Harvested plants can be eaten raw; however they give a player very little energy. Preserves will fully satisfy hunger.

Luxury Items

Players can earn money by opening a store (or stores) and selling preserves to campers. In the example pictures to the right (09/15/15 - to be added), the ranger has sold preserves and is dropping a bundle of cash into the money converter.

If the ranger has paid enough money then a luxury item menu will appear and he/she can choose their item. The ranger in this case has selected an HDTV. Once powered up via a power solar unit, three channels will be available on the TV, each featuring different slideshows.


third person view first person view build mode backpack
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