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May 17, 2024

ArmA 2 | Detonate on Trigger: IED

Prepping an Improvised Explosive Device for your game mission

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The four ArmA 2 IED's:

arma 2 ied 01

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb created and utilized in a way that circumvents conventional military action. It is typically constructed of standard military explosives (artillery rounds are popular) which are attached to a detonating mechanism. The most common usage of IED's are as disguised roadside bombs with the intent of targeting passing military personnel and vehicles.


choose the location on your mission map where you would like to place the IED. Click the 'Units' button on the right sidebar and then click on the map. Working in the new window, select 'Empty' from the 'Side' dropdown and 'IEDs' from the 'Class' dropdown.

Select the style of IED you would like to use from the 'Unit' dropdown (see above image for styles) and then enter a unique name in the 'Name' field. Click 'OK'.

arma 2 ied 02


Click the 'Triggers' button on the right sidebar and then click on the map close to the IED. Enter the size of the trigger area in the 'Axis a' and 'Axis b' fields. Between five and ten will cover most roads from edge to edge.

Click on either 'Ellipse' or 'Rectangle' to determine the shape of the trigger area. Pick the side you would like to activate the trigger from the 'Activation' dropdown. Only the side chosen will trigger the IED when they pass through the area.

Enter the following code in the 'On Act.' field:

bomb="Bo_GBU12_lgb" createVehicle (getPos ied01)

The number at the end (ied01) should be replaced with the unique name that you gave your IED. Click 'OK'.

arma 2 ied 03


Your IED/Trigger setup should look like the image below. The blue flag and rectangle outline are the trigger. The IED (faint orange square) must be placed within the perimeter of the trigger area or it will not detonate.

arma 2 ied 04


Click 'Preview' on the right sidebar and enter the mission. As demonstrated in the image below, you should see a small, unobtrusive IED sitting placidly on the road. For illustrative purposes this IED has been placed in plain sight.

Typically you will want to place the IED off the side of the road so as not to be so obvious. Not only will players see it if placed in the road but AI soldiers and vehicles will quickly take notice and attempt to avoid it.

arma 2 ied 05

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