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April 12, 2024

StarMade Beginner Tips

helpful tips compiled in sections that will aid any novice

Navigation Controls

W = forward
S = Backward
A = Strafe Left
D = Strafe Right
E = Up
Q = Down
C = Align ship axis
Ctrl = Rotate/Roll ship while moving
Shift = Brake ship while flying, increase camera speed in build mode

Primary Controls

X = Create a new ship
I = Open inventory
B = Open shop interface
N = Open navigation menu
R = Enter and exit ship core
T = Open weapons menu
F = Lock on object
Y / U = Switch targets
F1 = Open in-game menu
F2 = Detach mouse
F5 = Take screenshot with HUD enabled
F6 = Take screenshot with HUD disabled
Enter = Open chat window
Space = Switch between build & flight mode
Left Mouse = Place blocks / fire weapons
Right Mouse = Break blocks
Esc > Options = Remap controls

Importing & Buying Ships

Create or download a ship blueprint.
Drop the blueprint in the 'StarMade' folder.
Open the Starmade launcher.
Click 'Start Game' > 'Tools' > 'Open Ship Catalog Manager'.
Click 'Import'. Click the blueprint. Click 'Import'.
Enter the server. Click 'I' to open inventory. Click Catalog.
Click 'Upload entry from local'. Select the blueprint.
Give yourself money to buy the blueprint/ship by first clicking 'Enter' and then enter this command:
/give_credits [amount] [your name]
Click the blueprint/ship. Click 'Buy'.
The ship will spawn near you!

Importing & Spawning Spacestations

Create or download a spacestation blueprint.
Follow the steps above to import the spacestation.
Enter the server. Use the load command formatted this way:
/load [blueprint file name] [New_name_of_station]
If the blueprint is called 'Station_Alpha' and you want to call it 'Faction_home' the command would be:
/load Station_Alpha Faction_home
Your spacestation will spawn near you in the closest available location.

If the spacestation does not spawn in the correct place then open the navigation tab, click on the new spacestation and then enter the command /destroy_entity. You can then move locations and re-spawn it.

Finding Your Way Around the Universe

Click 'N' to open the navigation menu.
Click 'No waypoint'.
Enter coordinates in field. (Format: 2, 2, 2 or 2 2 2 or 2.2.2)
Close the menu.
Point the ship in the direction of the white triangle until destination is reached.

In addition, you can open the navigation menu, click on one of the pre-selected objects in the nearby vicinity and then use the white direction triangle to locate it.

Changing Your Player Skin

Create or download a skin pack.
Unzip the downloaded file and place the skin folder/folders in 'StarMade' > 'client-skins'.
Launch StarMade and click the 'Start Game' button.
From the top menu bar, click 'Modding' > 'Create Custom Skin'.
Browse to the location where you placed the skin folder in the 'client-skins' folder and load each of the four .png files.
Click 'Ok', name the skin and click 'Save as'.
This will now be your new skin in both singleplayer and multiplayer!

Changing the Standard HUD

Locate and download your choice of a custom HUD or use the Holo HUD 2.1 3D.
Save the 'blueprints', 'server-database' and 'client-database' from your 'StarMade' folder to a new temporary location (if there is no data you want to save then disregard).
Delete the StarMade folder and launch StarMade. Install a fresh version.
Move the 'data' folder from the HUD download into the new StarMade folder. You will be promted to replace the current 'data' folder, which you want to do.
Relaunch StarMade and you will see your new HUD!

Using a Custom Texture Pack

Download a new preferred texture pack and unzip the file.
Place the new texture pack folder in 'StarMade' > 'textures' > 'block'.
Launch StarMade and click the 'Start Game' button.
Use the dropdown menu under Settings > Texture Pack to select the new texture pack.
Use the dropdown menu under Settings > Resolution to select the resolution for the texture pack.
Click the 'OK' button. You should now see the new textures in-game!

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