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Tech writing, 3D model building and game design.

April 13, 2024

Always Keep it Daylight in Minecraft

A Redstone answer to day and night cycling

Tired of the sun dropping every few minutes while you are in the middle of a Minecraft build? This tutorial will step you through the process of creating a Redstone-powered mechanism that will keep your world sunny & bright all the time.

1) Daylight Sensor
2) Redstone
3) Redstone Torch
4) Any type of building block
5) Command Block

keep it daylight image 01

STEP ONE: Place the Daylight Sensor. The top surface must be exposed to the sky so that it can sense light.

keep it daylight image 02

STEP TWO: Lay down a path of six Redstone with the first one directly touching the daylight sensor.

keep it daylight image 03

STEP THREE: Place any type of building block at the end of your Redstone path.

keep it daylight image 04

STEP FOUR: Place your Command Block one space away from the building block.

keep it daylight image 05

STEP FIVE: Right click the Minecraft Command Block and enter this command: /time set 1000. Click the 'Done' button.

keep it daylight image 06

STEP SIX: Place a Redstone Torch on the building block's surface directly facing the Command Block. Your mechanism is now active.

keep it daylight image 07

The finished mechanism! It will now permanently stay daylight in your world.

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